Meanwhile, through systematic operation, standardized service, data analysis, situational marketing, 3+ STORE aims to help thousands of franchisee easily start a business and realize their dream. 3+ STORE positioning the brand as “Affordable Department Store Collection Brand”, and always insists on making good products with high-cost performance, so that global consumers can easily enjoy quality life.The price of many products is as low as 1.3 USD, with abundant product categories, super cost performance products, comfortable and fashionable shopping environment to serve the public consumers.

The beautiful store image is not only loved by consumers in shopping malls, department stores, commercial pedestrian streets, university towns and other areas, but also has high popularity in crowded communities. 3+ STORE is willing to provide global consumers with high-quality services, as well as “More colorful, more interesting, more economical ” happy life. At the same time, 3+ STORE continues to strive to become a globally respected retail enterprise, making global manufacturing benefits every family. High quality and low price are no longer the dream of consumers in 3+ STORE stores, where consumers can choose high quality and low price products at will and enjoy the happiness brought by value for money.