Head Massager


Head Scalp Massagers for Headache Relief, Scalp Stress Relax, 12 Roller Balls Prongs Head Massage Scratcher Deep Relaxation, Hair Stimulation Head Massager Handle

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Head Scratcher-Get a calming head massage or scalp scratch any time with prongs roller ball, stimulates scalp blood circulation full head massage , really good feeling you get when you brush slide through your hair with prongs. Note: Because everyone’s head size is different, our products can be opened or closed properly by hand to adjust its size to a comfortable shape.
Gently Massage-360 degree press prongs balls massage pressure points and cozy massage sensitive nerve on your scalp, promote blood circulation, relax head nerve stressed, eliminate tension and fatigue all day.
12 Prongs Design- enough prongs design more than others to make sure you can get enough full head scalp massage, light weight, Easy to use give you a massage or rub your head, this thing is an awesome substitute!
The Best Gift- It’s a best gift for mother& father ,very effective for headache release, which is a good partner for office people.

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