Seven Rotatable Metal Balls


Handheld Massager Tools, Metal Roller Balls Beauty Body Care, Rolling Ball for Muscle Massaging, Muscle Pain Relief

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Full body massage tools: massager, suitable for any part of your body, such as head, face, neck, back, chest, abdomen, legs, feet, etc.
Pain and stress relief: Our ball is designed to relieve and relieve soreness. After such a long time of work or study, this self-massager will relieve you from muscle pain and mental stress, thereby speeding up the recovery of sore muscles during deep sleep.
The palm shaped massage roller is suitable for any point of your body, It’s Best for full body care and blood circulation, greatly benefits your health.
It’s so lightweight and small, that can be easily put into bags. You can bring it to home, office and anywhere you want.
Our roller ball is designed to relieve and reduce sore. This self massager will release you from muscle pain and mental pressure after a long time’s work or study, speed up recovery of aching muscles in deep sleep, too.

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